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GDlaser chairman He lin have the honour to win the ten major leaders of 2017 Chinese lithium new energy equipment

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The 2017 6th session Chinese lithium battery new energy industry ecological conference starting point with Research Institute association was held ceremoniously in the Shenzhen East-Sea LangTing Hotel during August 17th-18th ,it's jointly organized by the electric vehicle online & lithium battery big data.
      At the conference the ten lithium new energy industry leader awards ceremony announced the final list of winners about 2017 China lithium new energy industry ten leader、2017 Chinese lithium new energy materials ten leaders、2017 Chinese lithium new energy equipment ten leaders, more than 1000 industry leaders、experts and media professionals together to witness this event lithium new energy industry on the spot. 
     GDlaser chairman He Lin had the honour to win "the 2017 Chinese lithium battery new energy equipment for the ten leaders".


At the scene of the award, Lu Xiaobing, Sales director led the cup.