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Gdlaser promote the new energy vehicle industry's upgrading due to the field of power battery and automobile be well worth doing

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Since 2017, Chinese new energy automobile industry has entered a period of adjustment, a new round of rapid development followed. During this period, technological upgrading and intelligent manufacturing have become the key factors in the path of industrial development. 

On 25-26 September,2017 GG(Zhengzhou) electric vehicle industry summit hosted by the GG-ev & GG-lb will be a grand opening in Zhengzhou Hilton Hotel. More than 400 industry senior all together now provide problem and solve problem to discuss those new chance and challenge of new  energy  automobile and supply chain from various viewpoints of operating terminal、capital end、car maker、charging etc.

As a special sponsor of this summit,   GDlaser has provided a platform for the industry and the downstream, and actively promoted the benign development of the new energy automobile industry.